The Week Ahead: March 2 to March 6, 2020

9th Grade

Day 1: Peer editing of Anthem essays. Be sure to have your essay ready with an introduction, a minimum of two body paragraphs, a counterclaim paragraph, a conclusion, a word count, and a works cited page.

Day 2 & 3: We will finish peer edit and then move into editing and revisions. These will be your final class workdays.

Day 4: You will have the opportunity to work on your independent reading project to wrap up the week. If you have finished your IR project, then please be sure to have a book to read, or you may continue working on your Anthem essay.

AP Seminar

Monday: We will be exploring and discussing the two hardest (in my opinion) of the stimulus materials for task two. Be ready to discuss these sources.

Tuesday: We will finalize our analysis and exploration of the stimulus materials, as well as add to our web of topic connections on the backboard.

Thursday: It’s time to start exploring topics for research!

Friday: You will continue topic exploration and begin your research question proposal. On Tuesday, March 10th, you will pitch a topic and research question to your class. I will post the assignment in Google Classroom by Friday.

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