The Week Ahead: March 23 -27, 2020

Please read below to learn what is going on in all classes, and further down, what is happening in 9th grade English and AP Seminar. 

We will be learning online all week. As we do so, please remember the five expectations that have been previously outlined: 

  1. As always, be kind, polite, and courteous.
  2. Speak one at a time. Do not unmute yourself unless you have been asked to speak/called on. 
  3. Use the chat to ask questions and to discuss; do not use it to be social. 
  4. Be as present as possible, put your phone away, turn off notifications – Remove distractions. 
  5. Be patient as we learn how to communicate via video and online. We can do it, but we need to work together to make it work. 

PLEASE READ: Our Code of Conduct and Academic Honesty Policy is still in place. Do your OWN work. Do not GIVE AWAY your work. If you are struggling to understand something or to answer a question, I am here to HELP! I did a lot of 1-on-1 video chats last week to give people guidance and answer questions about assignments. Please, reach out! Don’t ask your friends or peers for the answers. 

As I planned out the activities this week (as I did last week), I did my best to keep them to what I would expect you to complete during a class period, without homework. How this actually plays out, and how much time the activities take you, is going to be individual and based on your environment. 

Please note that any time that we are not having a video meeting, I am online and ready to chat via Google Hangout Chat or Google Hangout Meet. Don’t hesitate to call or message me on chat. I will answer as quickly as possible. I am here for guidance and support.

To help with time management, I created a simple blank template for you to track what is expected of you each period this week. You can find it via this link, on my Instagram profile, and on Google Classroom. If you want to use it, make a copy, and make it your own. I encourage you to take time each day to step away from your screens, to stretch, and to get as much fresh air as possible. Wake up, and give yourself time to wake up before coming online to do your school work!

Note: If you have an SLP or work with Ms. Montesinos and you are in need of accommodations as we work online, DO NOT HESITATE to ask for them. 

9th Grade

This week you will be learning about the mystery genre and how it differs from regular fiction. 

  • On Day 1 (Monday for ALL), we will be digging into the history and background we need to know in order to better understand Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. You will be assigned a question to research and answer. Be sure to have a document attached and in the works by 3pm to show me you worked on it.This is how I will take attendance. By the time we talk on Day 2, you must have it completed and submitted.
  • On Day 2 (Tuesday or Wednesday), we will have a live chat via Zoom about what you learned in your research and to introduce our new essential questions. By being ON TIME to the meeting, you will be marked present. 
    • I will be available for open office hours via Google Meet on Tuesday during “Panther Time” via (LINK REMOVED, Check GOOGLE CLASSROOM). This will be an opportunity to check in with me, ask me any questions you have, or to just say hi! This will be open to all 9th grade and AP students. 
  • On Day 3 (Wednesday or Thursday), we will meet our main characters and I will read through Chapter 1 together. This will be via a video I post on Google Classroom. You will be required to download chapter one from Google Classroom, annotate the PDF, and upload your annotations on the PDF. In the video, I will teach you how to annotate the PDF. The submission of your PDF with annotations will be how I take attendance that day.
    • If there are ANY issues editing the PDF, be sure to reach out to me ASAP! 
    • If you want/can print off the document and can annotate it by hand, that is fine, but I know that many of you may not be able to do so. 
  • On Day 4 (Friday for all, but A), will be an independent reading day. You will log into Zoom again, and we will read the whole period. I had WAY too many people not complete this past Friday’s assignment, so for now, I will have you log in and read live on camera for me. By attending the Zoom meeting, you will be marked present for the class period. 


AP Seminar

On Monday, we will regroup. We will meet via Google Meet and we will discuss the new calendar and plan for the semester. This will include a final decision on what will be your final assessment for the year. I will link a new calendar on Google Classroom. 

** I know this is different from my original plan, so please be sure to recognize the change! **

On Tuesday, you will continue to work on your draft. If you feel like you need to go back and do research, then please, don’t hesitate to do so! 

    • I will be available for open office hours via Google Meet on Tuesday during “Panther Time” via this link. This will be an opportunity to check in with me, ask me any questions you have, or to just say hi! This will be open to all 9th grade and AP students. 

On Thursday, we will have a mandatory digital check in (which will be how I take attendance). Together we will digest a sample IWA. I will send out a Zoom invitation that will be in your email. 

On Friday, you will go back in and work on your draft and research. You will check in with me by responding to a Google Classroom question. 

Email me with ANY questions, comments, or concerns you have this week. I know that staying at home is isolating and won’t be easy. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. 

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