AICE Global Perspectives AS Tasks

The following statement of originality must be the first page of your transcript, essay, reflection, and also it must be copy and pasted into your power-point. Make sure to sign it digitally by marking an ‘x’ next to the statements, typing your name, and typing the date: statementoforiginalityformatted

Here is the statement of originality for the power point. You can copy and paste the slide into your power point after your works cited. statementoforiginalitypowerpointedition

Here are the directions for the transition from AICE TO AP: ap-to-aice-team

Here are the directions for your transition from your AP IWA to your AICE ESSAY: Adjusting your IWA for Global Perspectives 

  • Remember to add a statement of originiality to the beginning of your essay

  • Remember to fill in your information and to sign the statement

  • You can download the statement above ⇑

  • Label your file name as shown below…I promise it is correct! 

  • This essay MUST be completed in MICROSOFT OFFICE and submitted to Google Classroom as a Microsoft Word document

  • This is due April 23, 2018 by 11:59pm to Google Classroom 

Remember, you CANNOT mention AP in your AICE presentation or paper.

File Labels:

Essay (AP/IWA): 9239_02_US818_XXXX_01.doc

Video (individual team): 9239_03_US818_XXXX_01.mp4

Transcript (of video): 9239_03_US818_XXXX_02.doc

Reflective Paper (about team): 9239_03_US818_XXXX_03.doc

Powerpoint (think “IRR presentation”): 9239_03_US818_XXXX_04.pptx


xxxx = your student AICE number

9239_03/02 = class code_component number

01/02/03/04 at the is the document number for that component