Teacher Blog

June 1, 2019

It is time for summer! Some of us are done, and others still have a few weeks to go. . . I am in with the crew that has a few more weeks to go. Our seniors have finished up with our classes and are graduating this week, but our underclassmen are still going strong.

My seniors finished the year with a reflection of what they learned this year and how they will use what they learned in their future endeavors. It was a pretty simple task, but it asked students to look at the standards and essential questions we looked at this year, and pick the ones they felt they had grown the most in this year and the ones that they feel they still need to work on. Then, they had the freedom to share these skills with us in a creative manner keeping with the theme of their next moves. Oddly, my senior class was made up of only four students. Yes, four students. It made things interesting and allowed us to create some great bonds. Our discussions were more personalized and therefore, so were their final exams.

The final projects lead us through serious discussions of what makes us different yet the same, a round robin reading of creative stories that show multiple perspectives, and even an auction of the most important ‘life’ skills (being famous, finding food at all times, being happy, etc.). You can find my student directions and rubric on my teachers pay teachers shop here.

Soon, I will be sharing more about how I got these same seniors through a massive podcast project where they not only listened to “Serial,” but also went through the process of creating their own podcast based on research and an in-depth book study.

I’ll write soon 🙂