The Week Ahead: March 11 to 15, 2019

And that’s a wrap! This week closes out quarter three!

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All late work (for freshmen and seniors) is due to me by 3pm on March 13th, 2019. I WILL NOT accept anything after that point. It will be a zero. This is a non-negotiable.

Freshmen, if you have a grammar quiz that you would like to make up, sign up using this link. Please understand that if you want to take a quiz, you must sign up in advance, and if you don’t show up at the designated time, then you DO NOT get to take the quiz. Also recognize that if you did not complete the practice on time for any of the sets of commonly confused words, then you forfeited your right to take a makeup quiz.


Day 1:

  • Read Chapters 20 & 21 together of A Long Way Gone in class.For homework, you will complete a reflection on Google Classroom.

Day 2:

  • You will be learning about our summative assessment for A Long Way Gone and we will start brainstorming your topics. For homework, you will choose a prompt that you will respond to through your summative assessment.

Day 3:

  • We will continue to discuss the summative assessment and how to research for evidence. For homework, you will brainstorm how to connect your topic to the book.

Day 4:

  • You will be researching and outline your summative assessment in class.


Note: Specifics for the project will be posted on Google Classroom on Monday. 



On Monday, we will be looking at how to brainstorm sounds and then how to incorporate them. You will also continue to outline and story map your podcast. Your goal will be to start writing out a script by Tuesday or Thursday. I would love if we can start recording by Friday, but we will take it day-by-day and see how the week goes!


The Week Ahead: March 4th to 8th, 2019

Let’s jump right in this week….

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Day 1:

We will start class on Monday with a quiz on your second list of commonly confused words. I emailed many of you because you had not started your practice yet on NoRedInk. Make sure you are working on it! After you finish, you will take a diagnostic for your final list of commonly confused words.

The rest of the class will be spent working on your independent reading project. This is due on Wednesday by 11:59pm to Google Classroom. Late assignments will not be accepted!

Day 2:

We will move into conclusion paragraphs on day two! We are almost ready to put together a WHOLE essay.

We will finally get to talk about your PSAT scores and I am going to give you some tools for what you can do to prepare for your next PSAT in the fall.

Your homework will be to read chapters 18 & 19 in ALWG. No roles this time. Just read and be prepared to talk about it!

Day 3:

Since you will have read 18 & 19, you will be ready to read 20 & 21 together in class. We will read and discuss the end of the book together!

Your homework will be to PRACTICE for your independent reading PRESENTATIONS!

Day 4:

We will wrap up the week by listening to everyone’s book presentations! I cannot wait to add some new books to my list of books to be read one day!


Monday & Tuesday: Work days for your annotated bibliography. It is DUE on Friday, March 8th by 11:59pm to Google Classroom &!

Thursday: We will start planning out your podcast structure. I will give you strategies and ideas on how to plan and structure your podcast.

Friday: You will use the class time on Friday to continue planning and outlining your podcast!

The Week Ahead: February 25th to March 1st, 2019

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Friday marks the first day of March! Can you believe that we are already into our third month of the year? Let’s see what this week has in store:



Day 1:

We will start the week with a quiz on the first list of commonly confused words. Remember, if you received a 100% on the diagnostic, you are exempt from the quiz. Once you finish the quiz, you will transition into taking the diagnostic for the second list of commonly confused words. Both of these will be on NoRedInk.

Once you are done with NoRedInk, you will move into your final day of independent reading. Remember, your book should be finished by Friday! Your project is due NEXT Wednesday! Did you lose your directions? Follow this link to get a digital copy.

Your homework will be to:

a. Take notes on this weeks word list for grammar – it will be checked the next day in class!

b. Complete the summative assessment for introductory paragraphs. Click here to see a preview of this assessment. This assessment will be due on Wednesday February 27th by 11:59pm to Google Classroom. It is SUMMATIVE and there will be NO late work accepted! If you need an extension, you MUST ask me by 8am on Wednesday. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Day 2:

This week we will be complete 2 literature circles. The first one will occur on day 2 of the week and will cover chapters 13-15! Be sure to be on top of your planning to make sure you are prepared. Remember, you can find digital copies of the role sheets here.

Day 3:

We will be moving from the introduction paragraph to conclusion paragraphs this week! We are almost ready to write an essay from beginning to end! Your summative assessment for A Long Way Gone is coming up quick! The notes for conclusion paragraphs will be posted to Google Classroom after the lesson.

We will also take a bit of class to discuss your PSAT scores and what you can do to prepare for PSAT 10 next year.

Day 4:

We will wrap the week up with a second literature circle that will focus on chapters Again, Be sure to be on top of your planning to make sure you are prepared. Remember, you can find digital copies of the role sheets here.

Your homework for the weekend is to start working on your independent reading project! You WILL NOT be able to do this in a single night. It is also a summative assessment so you WILL NOT be able to submit the work late. All documents must be submitted to Google Classroom by March 6th at 11:59pm. Presentations take place on March 7th and 8th depending on your class period.



Monday & Tuesday: Research and working on your annotated bibliographies! These are due at the end of the week! These are your last work days in class. Directions and the rubric can be found on Google Classroom. Your annotated bibliography is due on Friday, March 1st by 11:59pm to Google Classroom and

Thursday: FINISHING SERIAL…but only if you show me you are making progress in your annotated bibliographies.

Friday: If all goes well on Thursday, we will wrap up with letters to Adnan.

The Week Ahead: February 19 – 22, 2019

The return after a long weekend is always hard even if we are supposed to be refreshed and rejuvenated. However, we have a lot to tackle this week, but it will be different than our ‘normal’ weeks.

Remember that when we return on Tuesday, we will be starting G period, as if it was a regular Tuesday with a regular Monday before it. Confused yet?


Day 1 & 2:

We will be starting our mini-unit on commonly confused words, so be ready to take some notes!

Once the notes have been taken, we will move into looking at themes this far into the book. This will lead us into Day 2. Day 2 will end with you and your group providing me with an introduction paragraph and an outline of an essay on the theme assigned to your group!

FYI: If you are absent on Day 1 of the week this will become an individual activity.

Day 3:

We will spend day three of the week in your literature circle groups. This will cover chapter twelve.



Tuesday: We will spend some time discussing how to create an annotated bibliography and how to move forward with your research process.

For homework, you will listen to episode 10 of Serial

Thursday: Together we will listen to episode 11 with an activity to correspond…but I am not letting cat out of the bag yet.

Friday: You will a class day to work on research with me there to help. Your annotated bibliography will be due NEXT Friday.

The Week Ahead: February 11 – 15, 2019



9th Grade

Day 1:

  • As we have the past three weeks, we will begin the week with a grammar quiz. This week it will be on clauses and coordinating conjunctions.
  • Then we will move into a study of run-on sentences.
    • Please note: Due to the upcoming long weekend, we will be having our grammar quiz in class on Day 4 this week.
  • If time allows, we will review our notes from last week on introduction paragraph hooks and analyze some together.

Day 2:

  • Continuing the trend, the beginning of class will be devoted to practicing our grammar skill of the week.
  • Then we will have our third literature circle of the semester which will focus on all of chapters 9 & 10. Therefore, be sure to read through to the end of chapter 10 this week!

Day 3:

  • Continuing the trend, the beginning of class will be devoted to practicing our grammar skill of the week. {Do you see the trend yet?!}
  • For the rest of the class, we will be returning to introduction paragraphs and how to create them. We will analyze a few and then you will begin writing your own.
  • Your homework will be to write your own introduction paragraph using the ABC format. I will give you the topic in class.

Day 4:

  • We will start class with a GRAMMAR QUIZ on RUN ON SENTENCES!
  • The rest of the class period will be devoted to silent sustained reading! You should be making some big progress in your books at this point! Expect to conference with me and give me an update on your reading.

UPDATE: Your homework over the weekend will be to read Chapter 11 of A Long Way Gone for class on Tuesday. 

12th Grade

Monday: We will use the class to finish our Coffee House discussion from last week. Whatever time is left will be devoted to discussing research questions and your brainstorm from the weekend. Your homework will be to listen to episode seven of Serial and to analyze the various techniques that Sarah Koenig uses through the podcast. What is the effect of these techniques?

Tuesday: We will move on to episode eight of Serial and also discuss rhetorical appeals, which I believe will be a review for you. Your homework will be to prepare for your FINAL coffee house of the unit! To give us more time to discuss and to share thoughts, the Coffee House will be taking place on Thursday & Friday this week.

Thursday & Friday: See homework for Tuesday…..

Homework for the weekend – yes, I’ve got to give it, but at least we will learn more of the mystery: Listen to episode nine of Serial and complete the character traits activity that I will share on Google Classroom.


The Week Ahead: February 4 – 8, 2019

Happy February!

Let’s get right into the plans for the week!

9th Grade:

Big Announcement: If you want to take a group quiz for the nouns and/or verb quiz, I will be offering a chance to do so both Tuesday & Thursday during lunch. This will be the only chance to make these quizzes up. If you score higher than the first time, the higher grade will REPLACE the first score!

Day 1:

  • We will start our week off with a quiz on apostrophes! I have given you a number of online resources this week that you can use to practice, but I have also set up a new study pack!
  • Then we will begin our new grammar topic: clauses and conjunctions. Here are the notes for the week.
  • We will finish by listening to chapter six of A Long Way Gone. In the case that you need to listen from home (to ANY of the chapters) here is the link to our homepage for the book!
  • Your homework is to prepare for literature circle number two. Speaking of literature circles, here are some notes that I have from our first one:
    • From this point forward, please complete all work neatly and in pen (blue or black ink only. I cannot give you feedback if I cannot read your handwriting.
    • Please write your questions on a sheet of loose leaf/notebook paper. If you need a sheet, I have it in my classroom.
    • All work must be DONE before walking into the classroom. This includes writing out your three questions!
    • If you are literary luminary, when the worksheet asks about the effect of the passage, I am looking for you to tell me what literary device is being used. There is a list on the front of the worksheet, as well as a list in your notes from last semester. Literary devices will be on your final exam – review them!

Day 2:

  • All week you will come in and complete a MASSIVE NoRedInk assignment. You will have 10 minutes at the beginning of your day 2, day 3, and day 4 class period to work on it.
  • It will be time for our second literature circle! I cannot wait to hear your discussions. Be ready to share some new insights with me!

Day 3:

  • As you have the past few weeks, you will enter the classroom and work on grammar.
  • Then we will move into a lesson introduction paragraphs! Get ready to read and analyze and take a stab at creating your own introduction paragraphs!

Day 4:

  • Final day for NoRedInk practice on clauses and conjunctions!
  • It’s the last class of the week which means you get to Drop Everything And Read! I will be walking around checking in on everyone’s progress and reading a bit of my own book. This week I am working through The Road Cormac McCarthy since so many have you have chosen to read it!
  • Your homework over the weekend will be to study for your quiz and to read for your literature circle. Nice and easy weekend to do list!


12th Grade:

Hey guys! It’s only a few months until graduation! But, that does not mean we are slowing down!

We will use Monday to make up the coffee house discussion that we had to postpone on Friday. If all goes well, I will have some more muffins for you. I know Max will love that!

Tuesday will be all about research questions! You need to start thinking about what your podcast is going to be about. You are deep into your books now and it’s time to start focusing and researching. Your question should be set by Friday! You will also have homework for Thursday’s class. You will complete step one of creating a case against Adnan. Use this template and create the first board. When we listen on Thursday, we will discuss what the second one would look like!

On Thursday we will sit down and listen to episode six of Serial.

And on Friday, we will have coffee house #3! Can you believe that we are almost done with these?!?! I am loving hearing all that you have to share and where your research is taking you!

Here’s to a great week CDS!

As always, if you need ANYTHING, stop by or email me!

The Week Ahead: January 28th to February 1, 2019

Can you believe it is almost February?!?!?!

Where did January go?

This past week everyone did a great job getting back into the school groove and finding the rhythm again.

The challenge that I have brought up in ALL of my classes is to READ MORE! The seniors started their coffee house discussions this week and the freshmen started to explore options for their quarter three independent reading projects. Remember, reading helps to improve your vocabulary and understanding of the English language. Keep going! Find a book you like! And READ IT!

Onwards to the week ahead….


Day 1:

We will begin our week off with a quiz on verb types: action verbs, linking verbs, and helping verbs. STUDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Check out the study pack for this week!

From there we will start to learn about apostrophes!

We will end the class period learning more about the quarter three independent reading project and settling into our new books. As soon as the rubrics are created (#strugglebus) I will post all of the directions and rubrics on to the Q3 tab on this site.

Day 2:

To practice apostrophe’s for possession, we will use this BBC Bitesize activity. A key thing to note about this webpage is that they do not want you to use a period or it will mark it as incorrect.

After we practice quickly, then you will participate in your first literature circle. Remember to pick up your role sheet and read chapters 2, 3, & 4!

For homework, you will read chapter five of A Long Way Gone.

Day 3:

We will complete a practice on apostrophes through Google Classroom. This link will become available that day on Google Classroom and eventually in the study pack!

Then we will move on to track the themes of ALWG in Chapters 1-5. The plan is to do this in small groups 🙂

Day 4:

As always, we will start the class by practicing our grammar of the week. We will focus on contractions on this day!

Then we will move into our first day of silent sustained reading. You MUST have your book for quarter three with you! We will spend a few minutes checking our reading schedules too, but most of the time will be all about reading! Even me!

Image result for book gif


Monday: We will be spending the day finishing our discussions from Friday! They rocked and I cannot wait to listen to the final two!

Any extra time we have will be spent discussing the research process and what you already know about it!

Tuesday: Back to Serial! We will listen to episode three and discuss authors craft! Make sure you are caught up all the way! Your homework will be to listen to episode four!

*Warning – Heads Up: You WILL have a QUIZ on episodes 1-5 on Friday*

Thursday: Serial again! We will listen to episode five and map out the day of Hae’s death…be ready to be an investigator!

Friday: We will start class by taking a quick quiz on episodes 1-5 to make sure you are understanding everything we are listening to. Then, we will have our second coffee house! I cannot wait to see what everyone brings to the table!

Here is some feedback from our first coffee house to keep in mind:

  • As others are speaking, we need to be paying attention – not on our computers and phones!
  • Give people time to think when you ask questions – love the awkward silence, it gives people time to think and encourages them to talk
  • Make sure we are giving people a chance to speak and not speaking over them – allow people to finish their thought 🙂