Study Pack: Verbs

There are three types of verbs that we are starting with:

action verbs

  • These show action….such as running, swimming, ignoring, sleeping, etc.

helping verbs

  • These verbs link two ideas to help show tense, mood, or voice! This type of verb is used in a verb phrase, meaning that there must be two verbs. One way to tell if the option is a helping verb is to ask if it is paired with a second verb. Then you know that it is not an action or linking verb!

linking verbs

  • These verbs help to link the subject to a description. This is the one that we want to look for adjectives


Here is a link to a Khan Academy video on verbs with practices!

Here is a link to two Khan Academy videos that discuss linking and helping verbs!

Here is a link to a video that breaks down, linking, action,  and helping verbs from another perspective.

KAHOOOOT! Do I need to say more?